Opened in 2015, the Middle of Nowhere Gallery is the largest contemporary art museum in the world.  Housing an array of influential works from the early part of this century in a network of spaces under one roof, known as "el sol", the Gallery currently consists of The Suburban Center for Art and Smog, The Malibruise Canyon Contemporary, The Los Alamos Room, and The Interstate 26 Scenic Overlook M.O.NW Gallery Annex.  The museum has the only known free exhibit of "fine-ish" art available for viewing 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week (if you can find it) and is curated by a highly particular Bored of Directors. Utilizing the highest technology of global positioning systems and image-capturing techniques, founders and philanthropists Sean W Spellman and Sgt Joe Roberts (with friends and collaborators) strive to bring to the public an ongoing showing of American folk art and modern interpretive pieces that may or may not mean anything to anyone. For appointments and Gallery info type: #middleofnowheregallery